Your Website has Five Seconds...

…to establish trust, present value, and demonstrate credibility. Five seconds in which your prospect will unconsciously answer the following questions in their minds:

  1. Can I trust this company?
  2. Does this company offer excellent value?
  3. Is this company credible source as a supplier for what I need?

If your website doesn’t answer all of these questions positively within five seconds, your prospect is gone―to your competition. Naturally, the design of your site is the number one factor which influences how trustworthy, valuable, and credible you seem. Without trust, value, and credibility…you're going straight to Nowhere-ville. If your prospects are leaving your site without converting, you can’t make any money.

So it’s critical that you invest in a web design that instantly builds up trust, value, and credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

More than that, your website must reflect all the best things about your business. Because where do customers go to gain insight into your company and your offerings? You guessed it―to your website!

  • Over 90% of prospective customers will visit your website before considering doing business with you.
  • A high-quality website design markedly improves your markedly improves your ability to convert a prospect into a customer.
  • 46% of web sales are lost because the website does not build value and credibility.
  • The #1 reason people abandon a website is bad design.

RKF Web World Custom Web Design Package

OK, now that you get the importance of custom design for providing an effective online experience to your prospects, let us show you our Custom Web Design package…

We've been creating custom website for 3 years.  In that time,  we've seen the benefits of quality web design played out in the hundreds of brands we've helped.  Let's just say the proof is in the pudding:

Here’s a Taste:

"Since hiring RKF Web World to take over our online and offline branding, our revenues have increased by nearly 300% in just over 2 years."


"RKF Web World has redesigned our website, assisted with SEO optimization, and completed several other internet-related projects. The number of visitors to our site has increased as well as the conversion rate, and as a result our revenues have increased. We continue to impress both customers and industry professionals by the image we project – which of course, starts with our brand presence that IWS has created for us."

-Shekhar Dahiya , USA.

What’s different about how we do things? Everything…

Because we understand that great website design is a process--not an artistic endeavor.  We also know providing a website that will generate leads and sales is probably the most important branding challenge your company faces. So we plan for the big picture, and not a quick fix.

RKF Web World' proven web design process is time-tested and well-proven.  It gives your business the best chance to be found, to attract leads, and to convert sales.

By combining smart marketing, rock star design, incredible development talent, and a fully-customized Drupal CMS, we can provide a truly custom website that will thrive in today’s challenging marketplace.

But don’t just take our word for it. We put all of the expertise we provide for you into practice on our own site.

If somebody is in this business and does not score in the high 90s, don’t hire them.

Your website is your most important corporate communication piece, and is the vessel where most of your clients will form an opinion about your company, products and services. It can affect your bottom line more than all other marketing efforts combined. Budget accordingly.

Here’s how the cost of the Custom Web Design Package breaks down:

  • Discovery (this will have to be added as a separate item, but is an essential step to learning about your needs)
  • Project Management (you will have a full time dedicated project manager)
  • Visual Direction, Messaging and Direction (3 hours included in this package)
  • Image Search and Customization (4 hours included)
  • Custom Web Design, including: 
    • Home page layout, structure & style
    • Design of interactive elements
    • Navigation planning and design
    • CSS Coding
    • Menu design
    • Page content design
    • Form design
    • Backgrounds & special effects
    • Typography
    • Internal ads
    • Calls to action (CTAs)
    • All graphics are prepared to be ready for CMS implementation
    • Designs are done in a team environment with a creative director.

We’ve spent 3 years perfecting this system―so let’s get started. Let’s create the best site in your industry, and show you how dramatically it’ll increase your revenue!

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